How does it work?



Your counselling will take place in the safe environment of my home based office in Nottingham. Everything that you decide to talk about is strictly confidential. You will never be judged on what you say, think or feel. All you have to do is sit down and relax, have a coffee if you wish and begin when you are ready.

Usually you will come along for counselling once a week (this is of course, negotiable). Each session lasts 50 minutes and it is your time to use as you wish. You may want to speak of a particular problem that you are trying to understand or perhaps you just simply would like to have someone to talk to. Whatever your reasons, you will find that just having that special time for yourself may really help you.

At Connex Counselling, my main focus is on building a warm and friendly relationship with you as my client, in which you can feel at ease to talk about your life, your thoughts and feelings.

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