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When you come and see me at Connex Counselling, it's my job to help you to relax and feel at ease with talking about the things that are important to you. I will see you in a comfortable room where we can take things at your own pace.

At Connex Counselling I use the Person Centred Approach. This means that I do not tell you what to do or think. During the counselling session you will have the time to explore your feelings as you wish. Each session is fully confidential.

I run a busy and diverse private practice helping clients with a large range of challenges.

I also work as a supervisor and trainer within the field of counselling.

I have worked extensively with couples and individuals who are experiencing difficulties in their relationships.

I set up and ran a government funded counselling service for the hardest to reach ethnic minorities of the inner city of Nottingham.

I believe that everyone may benefit from having someone to see whom they can trust and that will not judge them in any way.

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