John and Lisa

'Having you there impartially listening to our story and giving us the support we needed, gave us the chance to rediscover our relationship. Counselling really worked for us'


I was nervous at first, but you made it easy for me to tell you my story and help me find how to like myself again'


I felt I could really talk to you about my arranged marriage. It has helped me to talk to someone outside my community'



'Just to have someone to speak to, of how I felt was, for me, a life saver'


'Thank you for believing in me.  I got the strength to change the things I wanted to'


'It was difficult for me to come to counselling. I did not know what to expect. But you made me feel so welcome that I relaxed straight away!  I am so glad now that I came as I have been able to talk about things that were difficult for me'


'I usually find it hard to speak to people I don't know, but I could talk to you.  Thank you'


All names have been changed to protect client identities and all testimonials have been reproduced with their permission. 

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